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Exercise Excuses-Busted!

Here at Trunk Trainers we're the excuse busters when it comes to reasons why you can't exercise. Check out 5 major reasons exercise can get sidelined in life, and solutions to help you overcome them. Excuse #1: I don't have time to exercise. Solution: Get an exercise bike, elliptical, or gym membership where you have access to a bike or elliptical and only read, watch TV, talk on the phone, or use social media ONLY while moving. These activities can all be done on a stationary bike or elliptical. You won't fall off and you don't need your hands so you can mindlessly binge watch the Great British Baking Show without getting hurt. Any exercise is better than nothing, and tying your new exercise habit to an old sedentary one will help you get moving daily. Of course, you could also schedule in your 60 minutes a day on your calendar and just prioritize your exercise into your must do's in life. I promise, you WILL find the time if it's a priority. Excuse #2: No

What it means to Be Elefit...

  At Trunk Trainers, our brand of fitness is Elefitness.  But what does it mean to Be Elefit? Being Elefit is a lifestyle really. One that includes all aspects of health and wellbeing. It's based on our four pillars of the Elefit Lifestyle which include exercising 1 hour per day doing something you enjoy, eating a whole food plant based diet, resting until recovered, and putting family first. Being Elefit also means having healthy vital statistics. This includes having blood pressure, glucose levels, cholesterol levels, Body Mass Index, Weight, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat and Waist Circumference in healthy ranges for your age. To do with without medication if possible with lifestyle reform is an Elefit bonus. Being Elefit means living life to the fullest. Making plans. Having goals. Looking for personal growth around every corner and going on Awesome Adventures. Not letting fear or lack of information be an excuse to let our dreams slip away. Why Be Elefit? To maximize your