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🌸🌱 Ipe Abs Core Challenge 🌳🌸

At Trunk Trainer, we love to train our (tree) trunks! They are the core of our body and having a stable core truly helps us to grow. That is why we are pleased to announce the newest installment to our core challenges, the Ipe Abs Challenge! Although the Ipe flower looks like a cherry blossom, the trunk is known to be hard-as-nails. We've created a fun new ab challenge to embody these attributes. This is a free  28-day core challenge  including: A 4-week set of ab workouts with daily videos from your trainers that will be posted in “   The Elefits of the New Generation: We Do Elefits Right! ” Facebook group to anyone that wants to participate.  Members: You should be receiving your workout calendar soon, and it can also be located under the "   Files " section of the Facebook group above 28+ minutes of Cardio every day , in whatever way you choose. A  Nutrition challenge  that will help strip the fat off our tummies Do as many as you can! No