The 50 States Fit Road Trip Finale

 We've made it to Hawaii! After 50 days on the road, our 50 States Fit Summer Road Trip has officially come to a close. We have had such a great time visiting all of the states in across the nation, participating in fit activities along the way. It's been amazing meeting new friends and reliving experiences that have shaped all of us into who we are today.

What was your favorite part of our road trip? Was it jump roping in Texas, meditating in Maine, or hiking through Washington? My favorite part of the road trip was getting to know our fit family members better and being inspired to make even more memories in this beautiful country of ours!

Although our road trip had to be virtual this summer, we have something to look forward to once travel resumes. Remember, having hope, dreaming of what the future holds and making the best of our current circumstances is the ticket to not only surviving this challenging time, but finding ways to thrive.

If you need help with a solid fitness plan and sticking to it in this new stationary climate let us know! We're here to help you get fit and stick with it, no matter what.

Get ready for our next adventure as we prepare to get Fit for Fall in a few weeks! Stay safe out there everyone, and keep it up! See you soon.


Coach Kelsie


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