Be Elefit Healthy Lifestyle Program

They say hindsight is 20/20. That includes disease prevention and keeping ahead of your fitness before injury or illness prevents you from living the life of your dreams. I am so excited to kick off our best program for healthy lifestyle education to date. Gearing up for 2020 with a few weeks of preparation, and a Year of Change for 2020 for those who are serious about living life on purpose. I have been researching, creating, experimenting and tinkering with this little project of mine for the past few years. I have wrapped the lessons and lifestyle into a single phrase: Be Elefit.

There are 5 points we hit with my Be Elefit Healthy Lifestyle Program
⭐Exercise 1 hour per day in ways you enjoy so your heart, bones and muscles keep you moving and improving.
⭐Eat real food, preferably whole plant foods to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
⭐Rest until you're recovered, including learning how to reduce stress and sleep soundly so that your body has time to heal and process all of that beautiful exercise you've done.
⭐Put family first, nurturing and managing relationships and actually spending time with the ones you love and you are working so hard for.
⭐Being financially fit so you can fund the life of your dreams and your awesome adventures, not to mention reduce relationship stress
That's the blueprint. All you need. Of course there is waaaaaay more to it when you get into the details for customizing it to fit your life. And when you change years of habit it's really important to have a knowledgeable coach you trust to stand with you, side by side. We dive deep to find out what each star looks like for YOU! With our 6 week, 90 day and Year of Change programs we will tackle all 5 areas, depending on how much of a lifestyle revamp you need. We dig in to each area so that you find YOUR best plan to get from where you are now to where you want to be. And we're trying to get there in 1 year (or less!) Why do it? So that you not only LOVE waking up each day, excited to live life to the MAX (YOLO!) but also be healthy enough to have it last through the many Awesome Adventures that await. Stay tuned! This is only the beginning!
PS-Now you know what my sign means when you pass us after your weekly Costco run!
PPS-Turn in and see me if you have been waiting to get started. TODAY is the best day. Don't wait. Hindsight's 2020! Take care of your health before it's too late.


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