NEW! Training Membership Option Now Available at Trunk Trainers

We've had an amazing summer and hope you have too. Now that school's back in session and vacations are over, we're ready to get back to business. We are constantly striving to provide our members and clients with exemplary customer service. We hear consistently that working out with partners and having accountability works great for adherence to a routine, and we love partnering clients up with each other to keep personal training cost down while still providing a custom experience they can't get anywhere else. Looking deeper into how we can serve our members an idea was born...

We are excited now offer our new membership option, the Training Membership. We're the best personal trainers around, and have a uniquely awesome training facility where members get to be themselves and work toward BIG goals. So we've decided to give a membership option with personal training perks!

The Training Membership option includes three times per week access to our NEW Small Group Training Sessions spread throughout the week. With a fitness assessment included with membership, and an 8 person limit for all trainings our clients will still get the personal training attention while paying the small group rate.

Studying the models of other micro gyms and private fitness centers, we are confident that this is going to make our members stronger, and use their membership more frequently. Most big commercial gyms don't care if you come or not. It's better if you don't, so they can sell more memberships. We care. We want you to be successful. So we've come up with this option to see you more often so you get the results you are looking for.

And we'll be taking our service a step further. We want to provide useful content to our members regularly. Members will enjoy regular content of how to live the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Get ready, your personal trainers are on a mission to encourage, inspire, and support you on this journey we call life. Trunk Trainers...inspiring world fitness, one family at a time!


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